About Us

Rev. Dr. Charles Holsey, MD,PhD, Pastor

Rev. Vanessa Holmon, Associate Minister

Rev. Ruby Mason-Crum, Associate Minister


Steward Board: Mary Coffey, Vanessa Dangerfield, Rhonda Harris, Naomi Huntley, Polly Jeter, Faye Kelso, Gina King, William Mustin, Dorothy Small, Warden Thomison, Sonya Whitaker, and Thomas Kemp, Emeritus

Trustee Board: Alice Askins, Edward Brown, Mary Coffey, Joyce Eady, Willie Huntley, Deborah McKinney, and Warden Thomison

Sunday School: Faye Kelso, Superintendent

Lay Organization: Barbara Kemp, President

Women's Missionary Society: Vanessa Dangerfield, President

Young People's Division: Jackie Mustin, Director Ari Emmons, President

Stewardess Board: TBA, President

Usher Board: Mary Coffey, President

Senior Choir: Dorothy Small, President

Progressive Club: Deborah McKinney, President

RAYAC: Erica Birdine, President

Junior Choir, Liturgical Dance, Mime, and Drama Presentations: Sponsored by the Youth Leadership Team